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So I couldn't help but notice these speed tiers are a bit outdated in places (which is a shame as I love this project and think it's highly useful), so I took the liberty to create a slightly more relevant version. Should contain all VR mons with their relevant speed tiers, everything that's currently A- and up is bolded.

Main changes are the inclusion of a few relevant speedtiers that weren't previously there (like fast aggron, -spe celesteela, or scarf kartana), removal of some obsolete mons like xurkitree, and updated boldings. Ladder usage (1630 level, march 2021) was used as a source, so this list is more reflective of what gets usage than what is actually good (scarf naganadel comes to mind). Some things I wasn't quite sure about, so please offer feedback about what should/shouldn't be on this list.

7: Max Speed Level 1 Togedemaru
27: Min Speed Stakataka
40: Min Speed Ferrothorn
46: Bulky Pyukumuku
56: Min Speed Aromatisse
76: Bulky Ferrothorn, Min Speed Rhyperior, Bulky Torkoal
92: Bulky Avalugg
94: Min Speed Aggron, Min Speed Diancie
96: Bulky Glastrier, Bulky Corsola-Galar, Bulky Slowking-Galar
106: Bulky Quagsire, Bulky Toxapex
108: Bulky Turtonator
112: Min Speed Aegislash
114: Bulky Gastrodon
116: Bulky Rhyperior
122: -Nature Diancie, Bulky Cradily
126: Bulky Crustle, Bulky Conkeldurr, Bulky Marowak-A
136: Bulky Aggron, Bulky Registeel, Bulky Azumarill, Bulky Diancie, Bulky Chansey, Bulky Regice, Bulky Regirock
140: -Nature Swampert
142: -Nature Celesteela
146: Bulky Blissey, Bulky Relicanth
152: Bulky Aurorus
156: Bulky Sylveon, Bulky Primarina, Bulky Clefable, Bulky Incineroar, Bulky Magnezone, Bulky Swampert, Bulky Grimmsnarl, Bulky Bewear, Bulky Porygon2, Bulky Jellicent
158: Bulky Celesteela, Bulky Tyranitar
163: Fast Carracosta
166: Bulky Scizor, Bulky Vaporeon
167: -Nature Tapu Bulu
170: Bulky Corviknight
176: Bulky Volcanion, Bulky Metagross, Bulky Skarmory
179: Max Speed Carracosta, Fast Rhyperior
180: Bulky Tsareena
186: Bulky Dracozolt, Bulky Dracovish, Bulky Tapu Bulu
188: Max Speed Turtonator
189: Fast Crustle, Fast Conkeldurr
190: Bulky Heatran
194: Bulky Necrozma, Bulky Buzzwole
196: Bulky Togekiss, Bulky Regidrago, Bulky Goodra, Bulky Chandelure, Bulky Mamoswine, Bulky Mandibuzz, Bulky Braviary
198: Bulky Gyarados
199: Fast Aggron, Fast Regice, Fast Regirock
206: Bulky Tapu Fini, Bulky Zygarde-Complete, Bulky Rillaboom, Bulky Cresselia, Bulky Sawk, Bulky Suicune, Bulky Articuno, Bulky Kommo-O
208: Bulky Rotom-A
209: Fast Blissey, Fast Relicanth
210: -Nature Genesect
215: Fast Aurorus
216: Bulky Moltres-Galar, Bulky Moltres
218: Bulky Landorus-T
219: Fast Sylveon, Fast Primarina, Fast Incineroar, Fast Magnezone, Fast Clefable, Fast Jellicent
226: Bulky Zygarde-50%, Bulky Arcanine, Bulky Kyurem, Bulky Tapu Lele, Bulky Drapion
229: Max Speed Blissey
230: Bulky Urshifu-S, Bulky Urshifu-R
233: Fast Corviknight
234: Bulky Genesect
236: Bulky Zapdos, Bulky Volcarona, Bulky Zapdos-G, Bulky Entei
239: Fast Volcanion, Fast Metagross, Fast Skarmory
240: Max Speed Sylveon, Max Speed Primarina, Max Speed Magnezone, Max Speed Jellicent, Max Speed Clefable
241: Fast Tyrantrum
243: Fast Tsareena
249: Fast Dracozolt, Fast Dracovish, Fast Tapu Bulu
253: Fast Heatran
255: Fast Diggersby
257: Fast Necrozma
258: Bulky Thundurus
259: Fast Togekiss, Fast Regidrago, Fast Blaziken, Fast Chandelure, Fast Mamoswine, Fast Braviary
261: Fast Gyarados
265: Max Speed Tyrantrum
267: Max Speed Tsareena
268: Bulky Whimsicott
269: Fast Tapu Fini, Fast Zygarde-Complete, Fast Rillaboom, Fast Sawk, Fast Suicune, Fast Articuno, Fast Kommo-O, Fast Nidoking, Fast Toxicroak
271: Fast Rotom-A
272: Bulky Hawlucha
273: Max Speed Dracozolt, Max Speed Dracovish
278: Max Speed Heatran
279: Fast Porygon-Z, Fast Moltres
280: Max Speed Diggersby
281: Fast Landorus-T
283: Fast Krookodile
284: Max Speed Togekiss, Max Speed Blaziken, Max Speed Gardevoir, Max Speed Venusaur, Max Speed Chandelure, Max Speed Braviary
285: Fast Zygarde-50%
287: Max Speed Gyarados
289: Fast Darmanitan-G, Fast Arcanine, Fast Kyurem, Fast Tapu Lele, Fast Darmanitan, Fast Electivire
291: Fast Togedemaru
293: Fast Urshifu-S, Fast Urshifu-R, Fast Haxorus
294: +1 Bulky Regidrago
295: Max Speed Rillaboom, Max Speed Sawk, Max Speed Suicune, Max Speed Articuno, Fast Hydreigon, Max Speed Nidoking, Max Speed Toxicroak
297: Fast Genesect, +1 Bulky Gyarados
298: Max Speed Rotom-A
299: Fast Zapdos, Fast Jirachi, Fast Volcarona, Fast Zapdos-G, Fast Entei, Fast Salamence
303: Fast Garchomp
306: Max Speed Porygon-Z, Max Speed Moltres
311: Max Speed Krookodile
313: Fast Blacephalon
315: Fast Keldeo
317: Max Speed Darmanitan-G, Max Speed Kyurem, Max Speed Tapu Lele, Max Speed Darmanitan, Fast Durant
319: Fast Latios, Fast Latias
321: Fast Thundurus
322: Max Speed Urshifu-S, Max Speed Urshifu-R, Max Speed Haxorus
324: Max Speed Hydreigon
326: Max Speed Genesect, +2 Fast Carracosta
328: Max Speed Zapdos, Max Speed Jirachi, Max Speed Volcarona, Max Speed Zapdos-G, Max Speed Entei, Max Speed Salamence, Scarf Fast Clefable, Scarf Fast Jellicent
331: Max Speed Landorus, Max Speed Thundurus-T
333: Max Speed Garchomp, Fast Salazzle
335: Max Speed Nihilego, Fast Hawlucha
339: Max Speed Zarude
341: Fast Naganadel
344: Max Speed Blacephalon
346: Max Speed Keldeo
348: Max Speed Kartana, Max Speed Durant
349: Fast Weavile
350: Max Speed Latios, Max Speed Archeops, Max Speed Latias
353: Max Speed Thundurus
354: +1 Bulky Volcarona
358: +2 Max Speed Carracosta
360: Scarf Max Speed Clefable, Scarf Max Speed Jellicent
361: Max Speed Raikou
366: Max Speed Salazzle
368: Max Speed Hawlucha
373: Scarf Fast Dracozolt, Scarf Fast Dracovish
375: Max Speed Naganadel
376: +2 Max Speed Turtonator
379: Fast Scarf Heatran
382: Scarf Fast Diggersby
383: Fast Dragapult, Max Speed Weavile
385: Fast Zeraora
388: +1 Fast Regidrago, +1 Fast Blaziken, Scarf Fast Chandelure
391: +1 Fast Gyarados
394: Max Speed Spectrier, Max Speed Tapu Koko
397: Scarf Max Speed Tyrantrum
400: Scarf Max Speed Tsareena
403: +1 Fast Zygarde-Complete, Scarf Fast Cresselia, Scarf Fast Nidoking
406: Scarf Fast Rotom-A
409: Scarf Max Speed Dracozolt, Scarf Max Speed Dracovish
417: Scarf Max Speed Heatran
418: Scarf Fast Porygon-Z
420: Scarf Max Speed Diggersby
421: Max Speed Dragapult
423: Max Speed Zeraora
424: Scarf Fast Krookodile
426: Scarf Max Speed Togekiss, +1 Max Speed Regidrago, +1 Max Speed Blaziken, Scarf Max Speed Gardevoir, Scarf Max Speed Chandelure
427: +1 Fast Zygarde-50%
430: +1 Max Speed Gyarados
433: Scarf Fast Kyurem, Scarf Fast Tapu Lele
441: Max Speed Pheromosa
442: Scarf Max Speed Tapu Fini, Scarf Max Speed Cresselia, Scarf Max Speed Sawk, Scarf Max Speed Nidoking
445: Scarf Fast Genesect
447: Scarf Max Speed Rotom-A
448: +1 Fast Volcarona
459: Scarf Max Speed Porygon-Z
466: Scarf Max Speed Krookodile
469: Scarf Fast Blacephalon
472: +2 Bulky Zapdos
475: Scarf Max Speed Darmanitan-Galar, Scarf Max Speed Kyurem, Scarf Max Speed Tapu Lele, Scarf Max Speed Darmanitan
478: Scarf Fast Latios, Scarf Fast Latias
483: Scarf Max Speed Urshifu-S, Scarf Max Speed Haxorus
489: Scarf Max Speed Genesect
492: Scarf Max Speed Jirachi, +1 Max Speed Volcarona, Scarf Max Speed Salamence
499: Fast Regieleki, Scarf Max Speed Garchomp
511: Scarf Fast Naganadel
516: Scarf Max Speed Blacephalon
522: Scarf Max Speed Kartana
525: Scarf Max Speed Latios, Scarf Max Speed Archeops, Scarf Max Speed Latias
544: Unburden Bulky Hawlucha
562: Scarf Max Speed Naganadel
598: +2 Fast Zapdos
670: Unburden Fast Hawlucha
736: Unburden Max Speed Hawlucha
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Here Comes Team Charm!

Perhaps the stars
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yall should add 190 speed tiers for every single bulky mon that loses to trick disable gardevior without it bcuz like idk their clearly more important than "scarf max speed tsareena" and "fast blissey" that's just my opinion tho
The original post has a section at the bottom, labeled 'speed benchmarks', that already lists your proposed benchmark. Speed tiers typically don't include mons EVd to outspeed other mons, because that will just result in new sets creeping those benchmarks, and so on. Non-arbitrary benchmarks like 'no speed investment' and 'max speed investment' are safer to list, and in many cases still useful.

Scarf max speed is the tsareena set that got it ranked in the first place (check the VR spreadsheet comments), and speed is useful on one of the few blissey sets worth using over chansey (the current analysis is near-max speed).

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